Strategies you can use for Roulette

Roulette and Strategy Plate

Roulette with Strategy

Only beginners gamble without a deeper knowledge of Roulette.
After long time of studying Roulette Strategies that increase the bets you can learn a lot about the secret tricks and methods of the game.
Its not easy to improve the odds and all mathematicians insist in the impossibility of doing it.
But is it possible then?
No i won't tell you about those dumb win-all-the-time-videos that are everywhere in the internet.
If you are still on a level that you are not sure about this, consider the terms: Martingale system, Roulette trick, Roulette secret.
This will not work.

Mathematical Terms of Roulette Strategies

I will tell you the way to achieve safety and certainty about the game.
Get as many authentic numbersequences (of your desired casino) as possible.
Define a clean ruleset without "maybes" and "will see".
And than evaluate your idea by testing it on the permanences.
You can't do this at the casino, because than, you wouldn't know if everything was correct.

As your manual simulation is slow and inaccurate, you can also use specialised computer software to help.
This will speed up your investigations a lot. See the site i told you in the beginning for a good experience.
This is much to complicated? Ok! go and waste money....